Atelier de Griff

Visit our atelier and browse our watch straps and accessories, handcrafted in Belgium. We ship worldwide.


Through this online portal we offer you a look into what makes us tick & provide you a platform to easily browse our handcrafted goods.


Who we are: We’re a family business established in Belgium. We are makers at heart, we appreciate quality over quantity and we’ll take handmade over mass-produced any day. We’re old-fashionably inefficient and no robots are ever harmed in the making of your de Griff item 🤖

What we do: We stand for quality in the materials we source, the components we use & the tools we work with. Our leather products are handcrafted with meticulous care and an eye for detail. Our leather straps & accessories are cut, glued, stitched & finished by hand in Belgium.

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