Brown Boar Tissot Visodate vintage strap

The Tissot Visodate needs no introduction. For this Vintage inspired ‘classic’ an aged pigskin leather was used, giving an excellent match with this Visodate. The leather has an excellent pattern to it and the edges will darken with wear. The end result will be a very vintage looking strap. Stitching was done with fine linen thread as opposed to standard wider thread.

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2 thoughts on “Brown Boar Tissot Visodate vintage strap

  1. Hello,

    I love the look of this strap on the VisoDate. I love my VisoDate as well, but the strap that comes with it is okay, but not great.
    Could I order a strap just like this one (in this post)? This looks really stunning!


    p.s. we kunnen ook in het Nederlands communiceren….


  2. Hi Peter,
    For completeness replying here. As discussed – Yes of course!
    Happy to read that you received the strap in the meantime. Thanks for the patience & for your purchase!


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