Elephant Grey

We put our heads together with a fantastic Italian tannery, in order to come up with a pattern and hide finish that would allow us to offer you a unique final product. From drawing board, to end result, took us quite some time. And we are happy to introduce our latest colour, Elephant Grey.


CHARACTERISTICS: Vintage, natural features, very soft, visible pattern, clean
COLOUR:  Matt anthracit with brown base layer
TEXTURE: Clear skin structure yet buttery soft

The base colour is a greyish brown, with a deep anthracit top colouring. The leather is worked to obtain a vintage yet clean look, avoiding the ‘worn’ look. If you would like to order one, please follow this link for instructions.

Depending on the light, the colour can be described as either dark grey, moving into brown’s territory as the light turns more warm. You will see below we have mixed in shots under different lighting conditions (cloudy vs sunny). Shown here on an 18mm buckle.


Handcrafted by de Griff (please see here for order options)

Instagram: @deGriffStraps

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