Chesterfield Teal

In line with our Chesterfield Brown, we also stock Chesterfield Teal. It is a dark green/blue colour, with an impressive marbling on the top surface. It is a fresh look in case you’re searching for an alternative to a plain black strap but don’t feel like going for a brown strap either.

If you would like to order one, please follow this link for instructions.



As always, this is new leather which is worked to obtain the desired look. Due to how the hide is finished in order to obtain the desired effect, the cut sides are lighter than the top. The sides do darken slightly with time. It is medium soft to the touch and one of our lighter leathers. As such also very much at home on more classic (smaller sized) wristwatches.

Shown below with a standard ecru stitch and 20mm to 16mm buckle, of course other sizes are available as usual (bespoke). Hereunder shown on an Omega Speedmaster shot in natural light, resting on a Chesterfield sofa. Lord Stanhope would surely agree:


Omega Speedmaster on a Chesterfield Teal strap:


Handcrafted by de Griff (please see here for order options)

Instagram: @deGriffStraps

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