A closer look at edge finishing

We currently do three different types of edge finishing, to give you a clear overview of what that translates to, hereunder a very brief overview:

Raw cut edges:

This leaves the edge raw cut allowing it to develop its own patina over time. As nothing is done to alter the edge, it is arguably the most durable edge you can get on your strap.


Hand ‘painted’ edges:

The very stylish choice if you’re looking for that clean finished edge, often seen on European luxury leather goods. We use the very same material used on the edges of the high end leather goods offered to you by the big houses. Edge finishes are available in a very wide variety of colours. Though we do not stock all, you can ask and we will ensure to edge it in the colour matching your request, it may add a few days to the estimated delivery time.


Burnished edge:

This is where we use soap or water (depending on the leather) in combination with wood, bone and canvas to achieve a buffed edge look. It is an almost antique looking edge where the leather is buffed creating a smooth edge that looks a bit polished at the same time.



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