Inferno Suede

Inferno suede is our answer to those looking for a nicely distressed suede strap.




This is new suede that we work to a great extend to achieve this infernal symphony of colours and texture.

  • The outside edges are treated in such a way to create a charred effect (we didn`t go overboard);
  • The inner edges are treated to create a discolouring effect from the central suede, making the edges a different tint of the central strip;
  • The buckle holes are heat treated.

Under low light the strap appears rather clean, but in whiter daylight it really comes to live as the edges start to shine through. Suede does not have to be boring..


A small shot showing a Moonwatch on the Omega deployment clasp on our custom strap:


If you would like to order one, please follow this link for instructions.

Handcrafted by de Griff (please see here for order options)

Instagram: @deGriffStraps

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