Tudor Black Bay Red Custom strap

If you’re looking for a stunning diverswatch that is the modern interpretation of a vintage diverswatch, then you’ve likely stumbled upon a Tudor Black Bay. It is a style of watch that I appreciate a lot, best of both worlds: Vintage inspired styling with modern engines spinning along nicely. And those snowflake hands…

Naturally speaking, when a request came in for a custom order Antique Brown strap, I was extremely curious to see the end result on this watch. Luckily, this gentleman was happy to share his (stunning) pictures of the Tudor BBR on our Antique Brown Strap.

In this picture, you can see his Tudor on an Antique Brown. In the background two other de Griff straps, a Camel Brown strap with Red stitching, and a Horween strap with Ecru stitching.


A daytime shot of the watch under natural light, the Antique Brown strap pairs (in our opinion) extremely well with the watch.



A stunning pairing (and shot!)


In case you like the strap, you know where to order your unique custom one (here). In case you want to see more of these pictures and like beautiful watch photography, I encourage you strongly to check out his instagram page under @adutchwrist


OK OK, one more close-up, of this Tudor Black Bay Red  and the custom watch strap completing this vintage beauty:


Handcrafted by de Griff (please see here for order options)

Instagram: @deGriffStraps

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