Aged Black

The strap that put us on the map. Our interpretation of an oiled and stained leather strap, meet the Aged black leather strap:


This is new leather that we age, this is not in any case old leather. It achieves a look that makes the watch dial truly pop. If you hold a new or vintage timepiece and are looking for a vintage, aged strap, this will likely do the trick.
If you would like to order one, please follow this link for instructions.

Our Omega Speedmaster sure enjoys this new look:

How a strap change can alter the look and feel of a watch in one simple switch:

Sticking to the theme, here shown on ‘aged’ marble steps at the heart of a Brussels monument:

More detailed pics with different stitching options:


And as a closing wristshot, the Omega Speedmaster on an aged leather strap. The ‘wrist’ belongs to an Audi in this case:

Handcrafted by de Griff

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