Leather single-pass NATO straps

Our exquisite single-piece leather NATO straps are a standard EUR 45 (including worldwide shipping) and are made to order, with an average 25 day lead time.

Technically speaking, these are not NATO straps. We offer one-piece, single-pass, watch straps, no second flap adding extra unwanted bulk. In case one of your springbars break, your watch will not drop to its doom on the floor as it’s still hanging onto its dear life from the other springbar, second flap or not.

You can choose among 4 leather choices (see pictures below): Barenia Honey Brown, Black, Brown, Oxblood. Stitching can be adjusted to your liking of course. The Omega Buckle is not included, it is just for illustration purposes.



From left to right in the picture below –  Brown with Patina stitching, Black with Blue stitching, Oxblood with Ecru stitching.

And below shows the Barenia Honey Brown:

The days of the bulky leather NATO are over:

Handcrafted leather NATO by de Griff

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