de Griff Classic Honey Brown

Our first model in the de Griff Classic line in Honey Brown. It is made out of highest grade calfskin, also known as Barenia leather, which is about as exquisite a calfskin can get. Below an example of our Honey Brown Classic strap, ecru stitching, with no padding, on a JLC Reverso Classic:

image 37


The leather is ‘double tanned’ in a process that covers several weeks. The end result is a leather that ages beautifully and develops a wonderful natural patina over time (it darkens). Due to it’s characteristics, this leather is also one of the easier ones to maintain, in case you get a surface ‘scratch’ that doesn’t actually tear the leather, you can likely simply massage it out never to be seen again.

Please note that we can also craft this Barenia strap for the Omega deployant clasps.

Hereunder a few Classic Honey Brown straps that were crafted with particular requests.

Ecru stitching & extra padding: 


Tone on tone stitching, square holes & extra padding: 


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