de Griff Classic Oxblood

An incredibly sturdy yet flexible leather, presenting our Oxblood de Griff Classic grap (click here for details on ordering). The leather is sourced from the worldrenowned Horween tannery based in Chicago and is a real pleasure to the touch. The lining is hypoallergenic natural calfskin.

Note that this leather, rather than developing a colour patina, ages more like a pilot jacket – i.e. the surface & texture will age, this leather does not remain smooth and uniform.





A close-up of the handpainted edges & beautifully saddle stitched Ecru sides. The seams have reinforced stitches at the bottom & top ends which endure the most stress: img_1360

A look at the gloriously comfortable calfskin lining: img_1352


Class up your act, with a de Griff Classic strap:


Handcrafted by de Griff

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