de Griff Classic Chocolate

As for all our straps, the stitching colours on our straps can be adjusted to your liking. Featured here with a white/Ecru stitch to contrast nicely with the Chocolate strap. The edges are finished beautifully and browned in a matching chocolate colour for a perfect classic finish. It simply screams handmade in every respect, from the edge finishing to the slanted saddle stitch which we do entirely by hand for optimal strength & that unmatched look.

The strap is made out of exquisite bark tanned leather (lining & top layer), and is tanned in one of the oldest tanneries in Europe, located in France. They make an awesome leather, and we try to do it justice by crafting it into the very best handcrafted straps.



 As the leather is all natural, we can work the edges in various ways, but the matching chocolate painted edge is our absolute favourite, it just completes the strap and cleans it up very nicely.


The saddle stitch, as for all our straps, is handstitched. This results in the strongest and most durable stitch you’ll ever see on any watch strap you may be looking into. These straps are absolutely built to last.


As a closing shot, hereunder a comparison of the Classic Honey Brown (top) vs the Classic Chocolate strap (bottom).


We also craft our Classic straps to go on deployant clasps e.g. this would be our choice for a classic custom strap for an Omega Deployant.

And a wristshot taken by @aDutchwrist (Instagram) of his Speedmaster Pro on a Chocolate brown custom strap:


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