Deep Ocean Blue

A perfect deep blue Ocean blue (Italian) nubuck leather of the highest quality. Lined with a wonderful hypoallergenic leather to ensure absolute comfort. The edges are blackened to finish an exquisite strap in both look & feel. The leather will pick up a patina over time. As always, of course stitching colours can be adjusted to your liking. Shown below in two versions, one with an orange stitch and another with black stitching.


Orange stitching for a Planet Ocean Goodplanet custom strap:


Black stitching for a more traditional look:


And a closing wristshot on a very sunny day:

4 thoughts on “Deep Ocean Blue

  1. Hello,
    I am interested in this strap. Some questions about it:
    How long does it take to sent it to me?
    Is it possible to get it in 20MM/16MM for Rolex Submariner?
    Do you think this will a good color combination with the Rolex Submariner 116619 blue edition? Or do you have a another suggestion?
    Is it possible to get it with beige stitching?
    Looking forward from hearing you,


  2. Hi Robert,

    Thanks for your interest! Absolutely possible, they are made to measure and cut to size. I’d say the lead time is a little under 20 days for one strap, I hope this is OK for you.

    It will certainly work and I do also have a couple of other suggestions to make.
    Would it be possible to send a short email to to continue the conversation?
    Beige stitching (and pretty much any colour) is absolutely not a problem.

    Many thanks & much appreciated.


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