Alligator straps

The alligator strap is about as timeless & classic as it gets. It has that unmistakable texture & feel to it that you’ll find with no other material. Our alligator (‘alligator mississippiensis’) strap with vintage stitching is currently being introduced with a launch price of EUR 159 including tracked shipping (please read the bottom of this page for details on shipping).



We source the hides from world class European tanneries in this market to ensure we can provide you with high quality alligator hides. While colours listed on the website are limited, please ask away if you have any specific colour needs, we can likely get hold of that colour.

The first colour we’re introducing is the quintessential Alligator strap colour, black. It is a matte black (unpolished, unglazed – although the pics make it seem a bit shiny, it is matte) which results in a modern and high quality look & feel. Lined with vegetable tanned calfskin & the edges are handpainted and finished to complete the look. To top it off, you’ll find our stainless steel de Griff buckle sourced from Switzerland.

Alligator straps in our opinion have no equal in the strap world, the feel and look is simply unique and oozes class. Pictures don’t quite do it justice, but here’s a shot:



Due to strict CITES regulations we can currently only ship our alligator straps to Europe, United States & Switzerland. Please ask if you are not from these regions, so we can check what steps we need to take to get it to you (if possible).

For EU customers, the price listed is all-in (including shipping etc.)

For Non-EU customers (US & Switzerland) please allow extra time as we need to ensure your strap ships with the correct documentation. In addition, we will let you know the extra charge to cover the certificate. This can take up to two weeks.