Oak Brown Suede

Made from vegetable tanned Italian leather, the brown Oak Suede offers an alternative to a standard ‘brown’ strap by bringing a unique texture & patina to the table from the start. The shade of brown is a warm medium brown colour. Depending on the angle the strap can be perceived darker or lighter, which is of course typical to any suede strap (see below for a comparison shot, in the exact same lighting but taken at a different angle). Available in both vintage & horizontal stitching, with stitch colour of your choosing. Edges are handfinished. Each strap comes with our de Griff brushed stainless steel buckle.

Shown here with horizontal tone on tone stitch:




A shot under daylight, standard iPhone picture:


And here side by side with the Moss Green suede. Here you see that due to the angle, the strap appears lighter than in the shots above.