CITES Certification

What is this CITES certification for our Alligator straps? While we strongly invite you to go over to to understand why we consider it essential that our materials carry this certificate, here’s why in a nutshell:

CITES ensure that the material (in this case the leather) was sourced in a sustainable & correct manner. No shady business! All trade is highly regulated by the authorities. It avoids that you end up owning goods made from poached skins or hides of an unverifiable source. Take no substitute.

In addition, all our hides are strictly tanned in Europe (Italy and France) by truly world class tanneries specialized in tanning of exotic skins. It has taken us a long time to establish a reliable working relationship with them, as the market is very restricted (in Europe) and dominated by the world’s ‘luxury’ brands. As such, we’re proud to offer you alligator products made from absolutely world class materials.

Due to strict CITES regulations we can currently only ship our alligator straps to Europe, United States & Switzerland. Please ask if you are not from these regions, so we can check what steps we need to take to get it to you (if possible).