Stonewash Grey Suede

We’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. A perfectly aged suede strap, that will look nicer as time wears on. Suede straps are relatively difficult to keep clean & good looking over time, and that’s not ever to be a worry with this strap.



The colours are as usual difficult to capture with a suede strap, it is between light grey and a (very) light brown. The surface of course has that unmistakable aged texture & feel. Not to forget, as always we only use NEW leathers, we do the aging ourselves.


Stuffed with oils & waxes, it comes with tons of character from the moment you put it on your wrist. Anything that happens to it after that, will only add even more character. If you want only one single suede strap, make it this one.


Stitching styles can be picked to your liking, but we can’t help but love it with this Vintage stitch on the Speedmaster!

And for old times sake, here’s a quick wristshot:


Handcrafted by de Griff