Watch Storage

The ‘de Griff Watch Roll‘ lead time varies and is communicated upfront. Our de Griff roll holds up to four watches and is a standard EUR 99

Not only may you own several watches, but you may also own several straps and tools to maintain those watches. Where to keep them safely tucked away has never been easier, with our watch rolls.


They are built to last, using leather only (no canvas) and waxed luxury linen thread. The watch roll has no hard or metal objects that may scratch your watches. Constructed from the softest and most luxurious Italian leather. The edges are left unburnished to maximize flexibility and toughness. All seams are cemented under high pressure (+2 tons), saddle stitched by hand and any stress points (corners etc..) have reinforced stitching. This is not going to fail. The design is straightforward and to the point.

The closed watch roll is very compact and has a down to earth look, making it also ideal for travelling. Below a size comparison with a standard pair of glasses:img_0821

The above roll has three watches inside, and yet it is not much bigger than the average box holding your (sun)glasses.

The top layer is incredibly soft, making it ideal to use as a bottom layer when changing your straps or bracelets.


Below the leather in its full glory. European cowhide, tanned in Italy. Natural markings (on top & underlayer) WILL occur and are considered a featureimg_0833



Seams are saddle stitched and reinforced at any stress points:


Top and bottom of any rows of stitching are reinforced for added durability:


Handcrafted by de Griff